Welcome To Motabaqah

MOTABAQAH is a dynamic and rapidly growing company founded with the regulation of the private labs release, owned and operated in Saudi Arabia using state-of-the-art technology to offer quality based safety testing services to its customers.

We continue to grow and provide socially responsible services and in doing so will form part and contribute to the growth of the technology base of both Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. so MOTABAQAH and its wholly owned and operating 17 testing laboratories all over the kingdom. Covering 10 different industry sectors. Providing peace of mind about consumer safety and protecting most daily activities of citizens.


Motabaqah aims at being a partner in maintaining the safety and public health, protecting the consumer and environment, and enhance the competitiveness of national products through the application of the Saudi and international standards, and safety and contribute to the national economy, technological progress of the Kingdom by emphasize on application of Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) and international standards, besides of the (ISO 9100:2000) and (ISO 17025) standards.


Measurement, Calibration & Verification

Measurement, Calibration and Verification Lab . Has grown to be one of the most highly respected laboratories in t...

Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

•Providing materials testing and inspection services to customers in accordance with numerous domestic and inter...

Vehicles Inspection Testing

  Vehicles Testing & Laboratory is one of the laboratories of Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co. (MOTABAQ...

Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

Scope of Testing •CAMAL, Offers the Chemical and Microbiological Analysis of All types of Cosmetics, personal ca...

Electrical Appliances & Products

  Electrical Product Testing Laboratory (EPTL) of Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co. (MOTABQAH) is one of the...

Petroleum Testing

Capabilities: •Reputable References –ASTM –IP –SASO –ISO 17025 Training Materials •Qualifications –C...

Textile & Fabric Testing

Motabaqah`s Textile Testing Lab, provides various testing activities with Government and Private sectors in KSA. T...

Toy Testing

Motabaqah Toy Testing laboratory is an independent laboratory established to ensure that toys imported to Saudi Ar...

Automotive Spare Parts Testing

Car Spare Parts Testing Laboratory at Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co. ‘MOTABAQAH’ is one of the company’s...

Construction & Building Materials

CBML is specialize in performing testing, investigations and analyze valuable information that is needed by struct...