CEO Message

Ghunaim Nasser Al BagmyManaging Director & CEO

I would like to welcome you and begin by expressing my deep appreciation for the continued support of every member of our team and our shareholder. We are proud to be part of the success and growth of Saudi Arabia and also proudly contributing to setting and respecting high industrial and commercial standards in the kingdom.

Motabaqah today is a renowned and respected company in Saudi that owes its strength to its state-of-the-art laboratories and a qualified team with long experience in compliance testing and certifications.

Besides this, what really makes Motabaqah a preferred partner to deal with is the integrity, the transparency and the accuracy of the practices we have adopted throughout the years; these core values, we all know, represent a necessary condition to raise a corporate reputation locally as well as internationally.

We at Motabaqah always play an active role in protecting the health and safety of our citizens, merchants, factories and consumers by first protecting and respecting our employees and their hard and professional work on which we deeply rely. My personal aim is to work and equally contribute to the enhancement of Saudi products in the local, regional and global markets to ensure consistency with the international standards and the accomplishment of specific priorities in the certification release process.

In today’s highly competitive world, Motabaqah Group remains committed to excellence and fully dedicated to provide our stakeholders with the best value and our customers with the most professional service.

We wish you a pleasant experience in visiting our site.


Ghunaim N. Albagmy

MD & CEO, Motabaqah Group

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