Motabaqah’s subsidiaries

Advanced Laboratories Services

Founded in 1970, Bioscientia is a medium-sized company with its headquarter in Ingelheim, Germany. Our modern, industrial organization is one of the leading medical diagnostic laboratories in Europe.

Bioscientia serve doctors of all specialities as well as various kinds of institutions, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities etc. via a network of more than 20 laboratories throughout Germany, being accredited and certified in accordance with well established quality assurance programs. Our principle to serve as regional as possible and as centralized as needed, assures high-quality analytical and medical standards geared to economic efficacy.

Their services cover a broad range of applications in the fields of laboratory medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, toxicology, human and tumor genetics.

Dedicated to innovation we are constantly introducing new applications and parameters from various fields of diagnostics to expand our portfolio.

Our staff comprises some 1000 qualified and professional employees who participate continuously in educational programs to ensure a state-of-the-art service.

Industrial Inspection Co Ltd.

Al-Masader Al-Duwaliyah for Environment & Quality Systems (AMAD)

Al-Masader Al-Duwaliyah for Environment & Quality Systems (AMAD) is a leading consultancy and project developer in environment, sustainable energy and health sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It was established in 2002, and was initially focusing on technology transfer to support local development and serve the public and private sectors in KSA. Since then, AMAD accumulated extensive expertise in environmental and health consultancy and inspection services while executing a wide range of projects.

AssureQuality Motabaqah

AsureQuality is a commercial company 100% owned by the New Zealand government. We provide food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors.

AQ Food Safety and Biosecurity Experts Every day AQ experienced team of 1700 experts works alongside customers like you, to assure the safety and quality of food being produced for millions of people worldwide. Their skilled staff and extensive accreditations enable us to audit, inspect, verify and certify food quality and management systems from the farm right to the supermarket shelf.

In today’s world, ever increasing levels of trade, tourism and business travel also carry risks. Many of their customers rely on AQ to help them detect, control and eradicate unwanted pests and diseases.

Motabaqah has established a joint venture with a New Zealand partner called AssureQuality as ASSUREQUALITY MOTABAQA AQM Limited