Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

Scope of Testing

•CAMAL, Offers the Chemical and Microbiological Analysis of All types of Cosmetics, personal care, perfumery and general House hold Cleaning products.
•Cosmetics and personal care products includes but not limited to, the following
• Lip care (Lip stick, lip gloss, lip liner) Skin care (Skin creams, lotions, powders, masks, blushers, toilet soaps, face cleansing products, sun creams etc.)
•Hair care products (All kinds of Shampoos, Hair oils, hair creams, hair lotions, hair colors) Eye makeup products (All types of eye makeup products, eye shadows, eye liners Kohl’s, Mascara)
•Dental and oral care (Tooth pastes, mouth wash etc.) Nail care (Nail polish, polish removers etc.) Perfumery products (Perfumes, other perfumes, Deodorants, Air fresheners etc.)
•House hold cleaning products, Such as Floor cleaners, Glass cleaners, Dish washing cleaners, Detergent powders, Liquid Hand soaps, Cloths softeners, and all types of liquid detergents etc.


•In order to ensure the product compliance with the national and international regulatory bodies and to secure the health and safety issues of the customers and consumers, All the products are subjected to the chemical and microbiological tests, as per the approved scopes from the SAC and DAKKS.
•We, ensure that the services offered to its customers are always of the highest quality and that the tests for which accreditations are held are carried out in accord with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
•The test methods are based on the national, (SASO) regional (GSO) and international (ISO, ASTM etc.) standards, some of the tests are
•Toxic, heavy metals and general elemental analysis
•Gas Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Volumetric, gravimetric, pH and general chemical analysis
•Microbiological analysis includes the Aerobic Microbial counts, Yeast and Molds, Pathogens such as, E, coli and coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa etc.


•CAMAL is equipped with the modern and advanced models of analytical equipment
•ICP (Inductive coupled plasma)
•AAS (Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer)
•GC (Gas chromatography)
•GC-MS (Gas chromatograph mass spectrophotometer)
•UV-Visible spectrometer, Micro wave digestion units, furnace, centrifuge, ovens etc.
•Incubators, Autoclaves, Microscopes, colony counters, and
•Millipore ultra pure water units and all other laboratory supporting equipment
•UV-Visible spectrometer, Micro wave digestion units, furnace, centrifuge, ovens etc.


CAMAL is accredited by the following accreditation bodies
•SAC (Saudi Accreditation committee)
•DAKKS (ILAC member) “Annex to the Certificate D-P-L-18283-01-00”