Electrical Appliances & Products


Electrical Product Testing Laboratory
(EPTL) of Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co. (MOTABQAH) is one of the company s flagship laboratories for issuance of test reports for determination of electrical and electronic products safety in accordance to SASO and International standards (IEC & ISO). This laboratory regarded with integrity & competence, holds license issued by Saudi Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) and acquired accreditation certificate from Saudi Accreditation Council (SAC).

Laboratory is equipped with latest equipment and technically competent personnel. It provides customer with timely, accurate, reliable and technically competent test reports.

With the vision to be the region s desired choice for electrical product safety testing, it aims to protect consumers from safety risk associated in use of electrical & electronic products. In alliance with regulatory bodies promoting safe and risk-free household, luminaires, IT products, batteries  and industrial environment. The laboratory indirectly helps manufacturers and distributors in meeting the market requirements well-timed.

Laboratory Standard Test Service

EPTL-Dammam conducts a broad variety of safety testing to meet the requirements of the standard as summarized below:

• Visual inspection

• Electrical safety test

• Mechanical and Stability test

• Durability, Endurance and Ageing test

• Radiation and similar hazards test

• Photometric measurement test

Laboratory Equipment Capability

EPTL-Dammam is equipped with latest and sophisticated equipment and techniques to conduct all the tests required to meet the requirements of safety and quality of electrical appliances. Some of those equipments are:

• Safety tester (High voltage/Leakage current/Earth continuity & Insulation)

• Power analysers & Oscilloscope

• Moisture & Dust proof tester (Climatic Chamber, Dust Chamber & IP Testing equipment)

• Plug, Cord & Socket testers (Cord Anchorage, Flexing, Endurance)

• Universal battery tester and High current discharge tester

• Photometric (Optical Sphere) analyser

• Endurance tester for all kind of lamps

• Flammability testers (for Cables and non metallic)

• Profile projector

• Circuit breaker testers

• Drop testers

• Temperature rise analysers

Fast, Accurate & Reliable Results

A dedicated team of qualified and competent technical, quality and administrative personnel with specialized educational background and more than 10 years of combined experience in electrical product safety test and ISO 17025 testing environment. Together, with appropriate equipment, up to date standard test methods and techniques.

Scope of Capability

EPTL-Dammam is capable to perform safety tests for electrical and electronics products, such as but not limited to the following:

• Household & commercial appliances such as kitchen machines, water heaters, air conditioners, room heaters, cooking machines, laundry machines, cleaning machines, hair and skin care devices, massages, irons, cooling and freezing appliances, electric portable and power tools etc.

• All kind of automotive batteries, mobile batteries & dry cells

• Industrial equipment and accessories used for transmission and distribution of power such as motors, power sources, cables, wires, circuit breakers, power panels, alarm systems, controllers, regulators, meters, etc.

• Data and test processing equipment such as desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners.

• Telecommunication terminal devises such us smart phones, modems , facsimile equipment, telephone answering machine and telephone sets (wired and wireless)

• Electrical and electronic office machines such as copying machine, document shredders, cutting machines etc.)

• Audio/Video devices such as TVs, cameras, speakers, audio mixing devices, receivers, disc players etc.

• Lighting products and luminaries as lamps, holders, control gear, starter, street lights, aquarium and swimming pool lights etc.)