Measurement, Calibration & Verification

MCVL2Measurement, Calibration and Verification Lab
. Has grown to be one of the most highly respected laboratories in the Measurement, Calibration, certification and repair arena. The lab arsenal has a wide array of highly sophisticated and top of the line equipment operated by a highly trained team of technical personnel. Hence, your one-stop-shop for your calibration and conformity testing needs.

Measurement, Calibration and Verification Lab . has been accredited by Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) to operate as a calibration, repair and conformity testing laboratory, in-line with ISO/IEC 17025 International Standards. Subject to such rigorous requirements contained in such International Standards as ISO 9001:2000, Measurement, Calibration and Verification Lab. has been certified by SGS.

Calibration and testing of test equipment is achieved using standards that are directly/indirectly traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology of U.S.A. (NIST) and/or National Physical Laboratory of U.K.

We assure that all equipment are handled by a team of competent staff and subjected to a strict quality control to ensure that your equipment fully meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Trained and experienced Metrologist carry out each test in a modern, environmental controlled laboratory using latest calibration standards and procedures available to ensure that confidence in measurements can always be assured.

To keep up with ever-changing technological advancements, our staff are continuously trained and updated in related fields to enhance their capabilities.