Toy Testing

Motabaqah Toy Testing laboratory is an independent laboratory established to ensure that toys imported to Saudi Arabia meet local safety requirements and aims to assist manufacturers/companies in the toy industry to comply with local and global toy safety requirements pertaining to physical/mechanical, flammability and chemical testing. It is the only Toy Testing Laboratory in Saudi Arabia capable of providing a global standard of service on safety requirements of toy that includes SASO, GSO EN 71, EN 71 and ASTM standards. Our laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO). Motabaqah is proud to introduce its updated, qualified and competent equipment and instruments use to provide a quality and reliable test on safety requirements of toys. The personnel in the laboratory are competent, well trained and familiarize on most International Standard which includes SASO, GSO-EN71, EN 71 and ASTM, and highly qualified to perform toy testing.

Motabaqah Toy Testing Laboratory aims to reduce as far as possible those safety risks, which are not evident to users; they do not inherent dangers that are obvious to children or persons in charge of them. Accidents are frequently due to a toy being given to a child for whom it is not intended, or being used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed.

The laboratory provides its customers with confidence against a wide range of safety, regulatory, quality and performance standards for toy products. The Laboratory adds value to the products and processes of its customers, such as manufacturers, retailers, governments and traders, to facilitate their success in the global marketplace. Motabaqah Toy Testing Laboratory helps customers to assess their Toy products against a wide range on safety of toys standards.

The Laboratory is committed to provide clients with the power to make decisions based upon the most accurate and complete assessment of risk. By pursuing essential safety from the genesis of their product, The Laboratory can help clients to quantify, manage, and leverage risk by assessing, identifying, and predicting any potential hazards at the concept stage, Motabaqah Toy Testing Laboratory enables clients to:

The laboratory improves clients overall product quality at a much lower cost – opening your offices to a world of opportunities.